Project: Protocol for heavy duty hydrogen refuelling (PRHYDE)


What is PRHYDE?


PRHYDE is a European based project, funded by the FCH2 JU under the Horizon 2020 programme, looking at the current and future developments needed for refuelling medium and heavy duty hydrogen vehicles, predominantly road vehicles, but also other applications such as rail and maritime.

The project aims to investigate refuelling protocol requirements, and provide data for compressed (gaseous) hydrogen refuelling protocols developed for the 35, 50 and 70 MPa nominal working pressures, that is anticipated to help facilitate the future standardisation of fuelling protocols for medium and heavy duty vehicles.


How can I be involved?


The consortium carrying out the project aims to collect broad industry input / opinion about:


      1. Anticipated medium and heavy duty vehicle hydrogen storage system requirements, and other relevant on-board storage considerations;
      2. Existing fuelling protocols used for medium and heavy duty applications, to understand the boundaries within which they have been developed, and if applicable identify any gaps;
      3. Anticipated requirements for fuelling protocols from perspectives including performance, cost and safety, both in the design and validation / verification;
      4. Existing hardware relating to refuelling, on both the dispenser and vehicle side, and if applicable, identify development gaps;
      5. Current thinking about requirements for both gaseous and liquefied hydrogen fuelling protocols in the future.


To facilitate engagement, a series of workshops (and as a consequence of the Covid-19 coronavirus issues, webinars) are planned at appropriate stages within the project to (a) enable input from all interested stakeholders into relevant work activities within the project and (b) disseminate, for feedback, the aims of the project – all stakeholders with an interest in the area of medium and heavy duty hydrogen vehicle refuelling are invited to participate (within constraints of logistics), whether in person or by teleconference. 


The workshops and webinars are aimed at a wide range of external stakeholders including:

      • HRS suppliers and HRS operators;
      • medium and heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers (not limited to road vehicles);
      • component suppliers (e.g. tank, nozzle/receptacle) as appropriate;
      • Notified Bodies or hydrogen refuelling station authorisers;
      • national and international organisations promoting and supporting the use of hydrogen in the transport sector.


The first webinar was held on the 24th March 2020 with a follow-up webinar scheduled for the 23rd April 2020.  In order to ascertain a wider view on the State of the Art regarding refuelling protocols for medium and heavy duty vehicles, as well as the current thinking behind the design of medium and heavy duty vehicles, or specifically the high pressure storage systems used, that will be presented for discussion, a series of short surveys has also been circulated.


If you are interested in attending, whether in person (when applicable), or by Webex, or engaging with the project in any other manner, please contact info@prhyde.eu.