PRHYDE is a European based project, funded by the FCH2 JU under the Horizon 2020 programme, looking at the current and future developments needed for refuelling medium and heavy duty hydrogen vehicles, predominantly road vehicles, but also other applications such as rail and maritime.


  • Slides from the 5th PRHYDE Webinar, held 21st April 2022, are available on the PRHYDE website.

  • We are pleased to announce the fourth PRHYDE webinar on the 20th September 2021, in which further progress within the PRHYDE project will be presented. If you would like to join this webinar, and haven’t alre

  • We are pleased to announce the third PRHYDE webinar on the 1st December 2020, in which developments to date on the PRHYDE consortium’s anticipated approach to refuelling heavy duty vehicles will be presented.