Fourth PRHYDE webinar

We are pleased to announce the fourth PRHYDE webinar on the 20th September 2021, in which further progress within the PRHYDE project will be presented.

If you would like to join this webinar, and haven’t already been sent details in the PRHYDE stakeholder newsletter, please message us at

Additionally, the PRHYDE project is pleased to announce the start of the experimental campaign:

Initial experiments have been performed by Nikola. Air Liquide and ENGIE have started the process of performing simulations using the specific experimental conditions (initial conditions, pressure ramp, injection temperature, etc…) to validate the simulation model against the experimental data.

Experimental activity for the project is also due to start at ZBT soon, at their newly commissioned test facility (photo below)

Also, we are pleased to be able to say that the project is working in conjunction with the equivalent activity being carried out by National Laboratories in the United States (Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL), Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)), on a practical basis and in the risk assessment on the protocol aspects of refuelling of heavy duty vehicles.

This webinar will be held immediately prior to the start of the International Conference of Hydrogen Safety (the ICHS), the biannual conference organised by the International Association of Hydrogen Safety.

The PRHYDE consortium additionally anticipate making 3 further presentations in the ICHS:

1.       C.D. Sinding,  S. Mathison, S. Quong, A. Grab, F. Ammouri, Q. Nouvelot  “Safety and other considerations in the development of a hydrogen refuelling protocol for heavy duty vehicles”

2.       A. Charolais, F. Ammouri, E. Vyazmina, Q. Nouvelot, T. Guewouo, M. Greisel, M. Gebhard, T. Kuroki and S. Mathison, “Protocol for Heavy Duty hydrogen refueling: A modeling benchmark”

3.       P. Carrere, G. Lodier, E. Vyazmina, F. Ammouri, A.  Charolais,  R. Gonin, “CFD simulations of the refuelling of long horizontal H2 tanks”


Further details about the conference can be found here: